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Frequently Asked Questions


At R.M.A. & Associates, LLC, we believe that no question is too big or small.  Give us a call today so that we may discuss your inquiries, and in the meantime feel free to review some of the common questions that we receive on a daily basis:


There are so many lawyers to choose from, how can I narrow them down?


As a client, your main concern is winning your case, therefore you should choose an attorney who will give you the largest competitive edge.  The 3 main advantages you gain by choosing RMA & Associates are:

1. Experience - Our firm proudly offers you over 30 years in litigation, with a wealth of practice in different areas of litigation from Federal Prosecution to the State's Attorneys office and beyond, and these roles have given us the advantage of seeing the field from multiple vantage points.  

2. Education - Our team of attorneys have been educated by some of the country's top institutions; our lead attorney having graduated from an ivy league school and achieved several accolades which demonstrates his intellectual prowess and ability to compete and triumph.  

3.  High rate of success -  Our firm has a proven track record within the legal community, resulting from the aforementioned attributes in addition to our proven ability to use the law in your favor, not your detriment.  This has allowed us to demand a high level of respect and regard in the field.  Contact us today and see how we can best put these accolades to work for you. 


I think my employer may be violating my rights, can I sue them?


As an employee of a company, you have an obligation to uphold the standards of the organization, and in turn they have an obligation to grant your rights as an employee.  Employees are sometimes afraid to voice their opinion in fear of retaliation.  Keep in mind that there are many instances where an employee may not agree with the actions or decisions of the employer, however this does not necessarily make the employer's actions unlawful; this is especially true in an "At Will" state.  It is strongly recommended that you contact us immediately to discuss your concerns, and we can assure you that we will maintain a high level of discretion as you consult with us regarding your needs.


I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault, and the insurance company offered a settlement; should I take it?


Keep in mind that the other party's insurance company works for the opposition, not for you, so it is in their best interest to attempt to pay you off as quickly as possible to limit their liability.  There may be unforeseen damages and consequences that can put you at a disadvantage in the future, so before you accept any offers from an insurance company and waive your rights, do yourself a favor and contact us right away to discuss your matter and prevent further losses and damages.


I have a charge pending against me in court, but it might cost me more to hire a lawyer than it would to just pay the fine.  Why shouldn't I just plead guilty?


Many defendants don't take into consideration the possible consequences of being convicted in court, including the damage it can do to your record, your name, and your reputation.  This could possibly have an negative effect on your ability to drive, get a job, or could even sway future court proceedings that you may be involved in.  It is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney and avoid making these types of decisions without being fully informed.


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